Shopping CMS

Shopping CMS

Shopping Cart is an Ecommerce Portal Software developed in PHP and MySql. It is a complete Ecommerce Portal for those who want to run a professional Shopping Website like, or or any such major ecommerce por..

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  • Date posted : 2022-02-11
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Price : USD 199.00
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Server Requirement

LanguagePHP5 or Higher
DatabaseMySql4 or Higher
Ioncube LoaderRegister Global On

Shopping Cart is an Ecommerce Portal Software developed in PHP and MySql. It is a complete Ecommerce Portal for those who want to run a professional Shopping Website like, or or any such major ecommerce portals. Mallscript was launched in the year 2006 and since then many shopping carts were created successfully.

Year 2014 has given birth to Shopping Cart CMS meaning Mallscript php script is now a Shopping Cart CMS, A complete CMS oriented Shopping Cart which has more speed, better accuracy, a Ready-to-go product that gives our clients more flexibility in all departments like selecting or designing different templates by their own, selecting different Plugins, Easy Updates, Creating their own Layouts, Drag and Drop Widgets into layouts for better and desired display and many other.

Main USP of Shopping Cart CMS : While running Shopping Cart CMS at any point of time one can buy any other CMS Plugins like Realestate plugin, Matrimonial plugin, Jobsite plugin, Classified plugin, Directory plugin and can add to it to run all CMS under one roof with Single Login.

What you Get in the Package ?
The following will be included in the above product you intend to buy from Zeeways. All the below mentioned zeeways Themes, Plugins, Widgets will be included in the package FREE of Cost:

S# Add Ons Add Ons Details Price
1 Template
  1. 1013 template for Shopping
  1. USD 39.00
2 Plugin
  1. Email Verify
  2. Category Manager
  3. Email
  4. Location Manager
  5. Media Manager
  6. Member Manager
  7. Payment Gateways
  8. Sms
  9. Brands
  10. Multi Seller Shopping Cart
  11. News Manager
  12. Short Notes
  13. Membership Plans
  14. Events Plugin
  15. Promotion Offer Plugin
  16. Refer to a Friend
  17. Social Sharing
  18. Image Cropper
  1. USD 49.00
  2. USD 49.00
  3. USD 49.00
  4. USD 49.00
  5. USD 49.00
  6. USD 49.00
  7. USD 49.00
  8. USD 49.00
  9. USD 49.00
  10. USD 49.00
  11. Free
  12. USD 49.00
  13. USD 49.00
  14. USD 49.00
  15. USD 49.00
  16. USD 49.00
  17. USD 49.00
  18. USD 49.00
Total in USD :   USD 872.00
Get above all Add Ons with this package for just USD 199.00
Also Installation will be free

Shopping CMS Features:

Admin :

  • Auto Installation : You can kick-off Zeeways CMS and its products through a user frinedly Auto Installation
  • Add-Update Plugin : Select and install any desired functionalities through Plugins and manage it from Plugin Manager
  • Email Settings : Set outgoing emails facility either to SMTP or Normal Email Sending through hosted server.
  • SEO Settings : The most challenging and important task after launching the website / portal is to notify the whole world about the nature of business your website /web portal does and hence get desired business. SEO Plugin plays very important role in this and gives the facility to add/update, meta title, meta keywords, meta description which then acts with our already SEO optimized coding structure and hence enables the website/web portal to fall in Search Engines like Google, Msn, Yahoo, Bing etc. with greater power
  • Perma Links : Its a great module to define your own and clean url format. It helps in SEO a lot and will also avoid duplication of URL format with other websites. Hence it enables your website links to be unique and clean.
  • Admin Users : Create unlimited admin users, add different roles, assign individual modules/Plugins to handle and many other.
  • Membership Manager : Through this module user plans can be set and website facilities can be allowed or restricted for better website revenue
  • Member Manager : The most important module of the portal. You can add any member type like jobseeker, Employers, Affiliates, Builders, Agents
  • Approvals : This particular module helps in all kinds of approvals. Whether its members, images, photos, ads, jobs etc will be approved through this module
  • Media Manager : Any images or videos throughout the web portal will be uploaded through this module and it has the excellent facility to call uploaded images/videos wherever you want it to display.
  • Contact Us List : Any queries/enquires through the contact us form will be stored in this module for viewing what being sent to you. The same can be reviewed and then replied through this panel.
  • Add Page : Create unlimited Static Pages
  • Add Links : Create unlimited Site Links from Link Manager
  • Block keywords : Block Keywords plugin give a very strong hold on to filter all unwanted words throughout the portal/website from any section.
  • Products Listing : Through this you can view the list of products and their details briefly.
  • Accounts/Finance : Through this module you can manage product orders list,generate or update invoice and view the payment details,user details & delivery details.
  • Categories : You can add no. of categories level like main category, sub-category, sub-category2 and so on and manage.
  • Location Manager : Country, states, cities, locality and zip codes can be managed from this.
  • Brand Manager : You can view and manage the brand name and their status.

Front End :

  • Static Pages : Through this you can create unlimited static pages from admin...
  • Contact Us : Any clarification can be made through this.
  • Product Listing : Through this you can view the lists of products available.
  • Product Details : Through this the details of product can be viewed.

Member Panel :

  • Update Profile :
  • Update Company Details (If any) :
  • Change Password :
  • Email Verify :
  • Mobile Verify :
  • Logout :
  • Upload Manager : This is a CMS product.Through this photos,videos and documents can be uploaded and viewed
  • Ads Manager : This is a CMS product.Through this user can add or edit the ad campaigns.
  • My Purchases Options : This is a CMS product.Through this the order details,product details and payment details can be viewed,and shipping address can be added.
  • My Messages : This is a CMS product.Through which we can view the received & sent messages and,be able to compose message to others.
  • Contact Details : This is basically for Matrimony CMS product.Through this we can view the lists of members viewed by me,members i accepted,members accepted me etc...
  • Upgrade Membership Plan : This is a CMS product.Through this an user can view all plans & their benefits and upgrade.
  • My Current Plan : This is a CMS product.Through this an user can view the plan status
  • Profile Settings : This is basically for Matrimony CMS product.Through this we can hide a profile or delete a profile.

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