Multilingual Facility In Zeeways CMS 100% Proved

Posted Date : 2016 January 26
Multilingual Facility In Zeeways CMS 100% Proved

Zeeways has successfully launched multilingual facilitated Zeeways CMS. It has tested and proved it successfully just like our  4allsaudi and jobsite CMS proved it.

Before introducing multilingual facility in Zeeways CMS, it was  present in one language and it was so difficult to understand for the people of different regions. So by taking this consideration Zeeways has launched multilingual facility, in which it can translate to any language.

Zeeways CMS has both option for translating the language. One is manual conversion just Like what we did in 4allsaudi CMS and another one is auto translation.

In manual translation, clients can manually translate language by just translating the entire language present in separate folder.

In auto translation, clients have to do translation by just using translating websites of google, MSN and so many etc.

Zeeways has successfully completed many projects in both local and international languages. Our successfully completed projects like 4allsaudi, Jobsite CMS, Matrimony CMS, Directory CMS, Classified CMS, School CMS, Shopping CMS and many more.

Zeeways has been hoping in future to provide many facilities in zeeways CMS by considering clients needs and advices. It can also provide facilities in software and Web Design & Development.