Zeeways CMS

The Idea and the concept of showcasing products has been a great success for Zeeways for over 10 years now. Zeeways has served many clients both through its products and as well as being a Web Design Company for its core custom design and development services.

The different kinds of requirements, distinctive ideas, incomparable concepts, marvelous designs and other innovative opinions from our clients have given Zeeways a great lead to believe and consider about something to develop as a universal manifesto which has more speed, accuracy, instant, can be used in parts and above all it shall have price competitiveness and save time, so that it can be used in boundless as and when required.

ZeewayCms is a Content Manager System and a complete Web & Mobile Solution developed by Zeeways for Corporates, Individuals or any kind of Business needs. ZeewayCms is a complete 3 tier MVC web software. It is developed in PHP & MySql and it also uses Ajax, Javascript, Jquery as supporting languages.